Lawn Mower Safety Tips

by SMDC/ARSTRAT Safety Information , Apr 11, 2013

Here is an article we found on lawn mower safety before spring, if we ever get a spring, mowing season gets here. Thought we would put this up for everyone.
It comes from the SMDC/ARSTRAT article.
Please remember: "Safety First"
SMDC/ARSTRAT Safety Information
Every year many people are
injured or maimed due to
lawnmower accidents. Injuries
consist of burns, cuts, being
struck by flying objects, and
electrocution. Most of these
accidents are preventable.
Mower operators should follow
the safety precautions found in
the owner's manual. Following
simple safety steps prevents
most mower accidents.
Before mowing the lawn:
Make sure the mower is
in good working order. If it is
hard to start, take it to a mower
shop and have it tuned-up or
fixed. If the mower is Army-
owned, contact your DPW for
tune-ups and repairs.
Check to make sure the
cutting blade is sharp and not
damaged. Damaged blades can
come out of balance and be
slung from the mower.
Disconnect the spark
before placing hands or
any part of the body under the
mower or before turning it up
to look under it.
If the blade or grass
chute needs to be cleared, stop
the mower engine. Never
adjust, clear obstructions, or
place any part of your body
under a running mower.
Check the gas and oil. If
the gasoline is left over from
last summer and you didn’t use
a fuel stabilizer, it will need to
be changed.
Make sure the
emergency stop or shut off
switch is working and not
damaged. Never tape the shut
off handle down so you can run
the mower without holding it.
This is a highly dangerous
Check the wheels and
make sure they roll easily and
will not come loose while
mowing. They may need
Check the throttle for
free travel through its full range
of movement. Adjust, or have
it adjusted, if needed.
Make sure that the
guards that prevent objects
from flying out from under the
blade area are in place. If
missing or damaged, DON'T
Make any additional
checks and services found in
the operator's manual.
Check the area that you
plan to cut. Pick-up rocks,
sticks, glass, or other debris.
These items become missiles
when struck by the mower
blade. Rocks and other items
have been known to come from
under the blade area with such
force that they have the power
of a rifle bullet.
Dress properly for the
job at hand. Wear leather top
shoes or boots. Canvas or cloth
top shoes afford little if any
protection. Long pants are a
necessity. Eye protection and
hearing protection should be
worn. These items are required
when operating a mower while
on duty and it is a smart thing
to do even at home.
Make sure the grass is
dry. Wet or damp grass can
damage the mower or cause an
accident during mowing.
Let the cutting begin
Start the mower in a
safe area, away from children
and other people.
Make sure that children
and other people are a safe
distance from the area you are
cutting. Never allow children
or young teenagers to operate
When cutting hills or
slopes, cut across the slope and
not up and down the slope.
Slopes that are steeper than
10% should not be cut by a
power mower. The chance of
slipping is too great and if you
slip you can be run over or
slide under the mower.
If you need to add more
gasoline, stop the mower and
let it cool for 20 minutes or
longer. The hot engine could
ignite the gasoline fumes or
any gasoline that might be
Empty any grass
catcher bag or device often.
The weight of the grass could
cause the mower to overturn or
make it difficult to operate.
Cleaning up
Allow the mower to cool for at
least 20 minutes. This is a
good time to rake or clean up
other areas of the yard.
After disconnecting the
spark plug wire, clean off any
build up of dirt or grass from
the mower. It only gets harder
to do later.
Once the mower is
cooled, fill the oil and gasoline
levels to the recommended
Make sure that you
close the lid tightly on the gas
can before you put it away.
Never store gasoline or other
flammables in a storage shed
that is connected to or close to
the house.
Service the mower as if
preparing for cutting grass.
Any problems found while you
were cutting the grass should
be fixed now or as soon as
Remember --
taking time to do
the job right and safely will
save time and make the job go

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